The tale for mastering the art of speech

Good oral expression
can be learned!

The predominance of written culture over oral culture remains prevalent in many European countries. However, mastery of the oral language is the basis of all learning: before learning to read and write, children must learn to speak. Seeds of Tellers is based on 3 key ideas: proposing a different method, making room for oral literature, etc. 

It all starts with listening!

Ask a class: “Who knows stories? ” many fingers will be raised. Now ask them, “Who wants to tell a story they know? “The few children who keep their fingers up will certainly have someone in their family circle who tells stories orally. Before daring to take the plunge, the impregnation phase is crucial. Example is the first tool of transmission and, by virtue of imitation, the first means of learning. During the first sessions, the teacher (and/or an outside speaker if necessary) will be the main speaker and will tell several stories, of varying complexity and duration.

Children’s voices

Setting up a real practice of speech in the classroom requires ritualizing an activity with its codes: listen and participate when asked, respect the storyteller’s words without interrupting him. Setting up a talking circle, for example, but also encouraging mutual aid between pupils and exchanges between classes are all assets to encourage the practice.

Before learning to read and write,
children should learn to talk!

Content and tools
to support teachers

Seeds of Tellers is a method at the service of teachers to enable them to encourage oral expression in class. For this purpose, we have selected tales particularly adapted to children’s practice. Thematic sheets allow to contextualize them and to articulate them around major themes that can belong to the European school curricula. Audio and video recordings allow to give examples. The practical sheets give keys when there are difficulties in setting up.

A digital library
of tales

Thematic sheets
around the tales

Practical sheets
with tips

Audio recordings

Video recordings

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A European partnership







Seeds of Tellers is a two-year project funded from November 2018 to October 2020,
by the Erasmus+ programme (KA2, innovation and good practice).
All of the content produced during these two years is the result of the collaboration
between 6 European organisations that have pooled their know-how, experience and network.